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The Difference between diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Colorado’s EDI scorecard according to Colorado-based DEI executives?

Survey results taken from over 50 Colorado-based, Fortune 500 diversity & inclusion executives when asked “How much does your organization understand…”:

The need for an inclusive workforce
The ROI of an inclusive workforce
The difference between outcome-equity and opportunity-equity
The investment needed to build an inclusive workforce

Too many companies find themselves just “going through the motions or simply checking a box” when it comes to diversity, equity, and talent inclusion. So while many organizations do offer DEI roles and diversity programs, these efforts are often not well supported or producing tangible results.

Diversity “Checklists” Don’t Work.


TIED Equips Leaders with Real Solutions that Produce Real Results

TIED is a global diversity leadership roundtable that is based in Colorado. We offer resources, sustainable solutions, and long-term support for leaders who are seeking to promote workplace inclusion and improve their organizational culture.

By joining TIED, you’re investing in diversity and inclusion solutions that produce real ROI and increase the overall value of your company.

Even better: You’re promoting diversity, equity, and inclusivity in the workplace on a global scale.

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